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About Us

Welcome to Ru-Land, the best online school of the Russian language! This is a perfect place to learn Russian online with professional native teachers. We work to help you to become fluent in Russian easily and fast!

We do not promise you magic! A teacher won’t just put the knowledge to your head, but will guide you through all the layers of the language, will explain all difficulties, provide the best materials and manage the whole learning process. And in combination with your efforts, it will bring an incredible result!

We teach only the Russian language, which means that we are focused only on one subject. Teaching Russian as a foreign language is our passion. We regard our lessons as a kind of art and we are happy to help people from all over the world to learn Russian with us!

Russian Skype lessons

Online Russian lessons via Skype are an effective way to learn the language from professional and experienced native Russian teachers from the comfort of your home or office.

  • You can learn Russian from your home, office or any public place. And you don’t need to waste your time on the road traveling to classes. The only thing you need is an Internet.
  • You can schedule your lessons at a convenient time for you.  We will pick the best time for you and your teacher to meet, despite any time difference.
  • We will create a special program for you, according to your level, demands and goals in learning Russian.  We don’t teach everyone in the same way, because all people are different, and everybody deserves own approach.
Russian language Courses
Russian Speaking Patterns

The Course “Russian Speaking Patterns” will help you to learn 20 popular Russian speech patterns, to train your listening and speaking skills, and even to improve your grammar.

Flirt & Love in Russian

This course is devoted to the Love topics, including flirt, relations, sex, romance and Saint Valentine’s day. It is a great opportunity to increase your vocabulary and train your listening skills!

Video Testimonials
YouTube free lessons

Our video lessons provide a quick and easy way of helping you with self-studying.  When watching our videos, take notes and repeat what the teachers say to get the best results.  Subscribe to our YouTube channel to become aware of new video lessons!

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Winter Fairytales E-book

Winter is a time for miracles and magic, that is why we made an e-book with the collection of winter fairy-tales from different countries, adapted for the levels A2-B2.

Here you will meet a Ukrainian folktale “Рукавичка”, a Russian folktale “По-щучьему велению”, a Slovak folk tale edited by Russian author Samuil Marshak “Двенадцать месяцев”, Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale “The Snow Queen” and Amadeus Hoffmann’s fairy-tale “Nutcracker”. Plus, as a bonus, there is a one more fairy-tale, which is not connected to winter, but still is a very interesting: Brothers Grimm “Rumpelstiltschen”.

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