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Michael Kochetov
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About Us

Welcome to Ru-Land, the best online school of the Russian language! This is a perfect place to learn Russian online with professional native teachers. We work to help you to become fluent in Russian easily and fast!

We do not promise you magic! A teacher won’t just put the knowledge to your head, but will guide you through all the layers of the language, will explain all difficulties, provide the best materials and manage the whole learning process. And in combination with your efforts, it will bring an incredible result!

We teach only the Russian language, which means that we are focused only on one subject. Teaching Russian as a foreign language is our passion. We regard our lessons as a kind of art and we are happy to help people from all over the world to learn Russian with us!

Russian Skype lessons

Online Russian lessons via Skype are an effective way to learn the language from professional and experienced native Russian teachers from the comfort of your home or office.

  • You can learn Russian from your home, office or any public place. And you don’t need to waste your time on the road traveling to classes. The only thing you need is an Internet.
  • You can schedule your lessons at a convenient time for you.  We will pick the best time for you and your teacher to meet, despite any time difference.
  • We will create a special program for you, according to your level, demands and goals in learning Russian.  We don’t teach everyone in the same way, because all people are different, and everybody deserves own approach.
Russian language Courses
Russian Speaking Patterns

The Course “Russian Speaking Patterns” will help you to learn 20 popular Russian speech patterns, to train your listening and speaking skills, and even to improve your grammar.

Flirt & Love in Russian

This course is devoted to the Love topics, including flirt, relations, sex, romance and Saint Valentine’s day. It is a great opportunity to increase your vocabulary and train your listening skills!

Video Testimonials
  • This was an excellent course. It helped me to learn, and then solidify, many common Russian language constructions used in every day speech, so that I am able to speak and comprehend in real-time more efficiently. It also helped me to learn quite a bit of new vocabulary. I have completed the entire course (twice actually), but I still often play the audio portions for continuing reinforcement (in the car, going to sleep, etc.). It is well worth the cost and I highly recommend it for anyone who is interested in improving their Russian language skills.

  • This good value for money and recommended course is very clearly laid out and easy to follow. The patterns are presented in seperate categories with audio, video and many handy practical examples used in daily life, which you can repeat many times as you learn. You can also put the audio examples on a usb or other media to play in the car (as I do) to refresh your important grammar learning. Nika and the RuLand crew have taken time and care preparing the lessons and courses and this comes across in the delivery,  I do recommend this beginner course.

    Brian Cobbold
  • This is a very well designed course for people that are trying to gain a larger understanding in the Russian language. It helped me to further my knowledge of the patterns in the language which I think is very important for english speakers when trying to understand the Russian language. I don’t think you can beat the quality and value you have here for the cost.

  • This is a very useful course for the daily life, it will help you a lot to talk to your Russian friends! The videos are very good, and the explanations and the examples are easy to understand. Don’t hesitate to purchase it, you will be happy!! thumbsup

    The catcher in the rye
  • Very useful course with lots of great content. It is extremely useful for adding new phrase patterns to your vocabulary as well as learning new and existing words in context.

    Martin Slater
  • I listen to this course in the car every day. It is a wonderful way to listen to the words in sentence form as you will hear it. Very clear sound and well spoken so I can tune my ear to listening to the Russian language not just hearing it

  • thumbsup A wealth of information to listen to, watch and read. I love having audio because you can listen anytime- on the bus, going for a walk, even when doing boring tasks at work (nobody has ever asked me what I’m listening to). A friendly and warm delivery style by the instructors really helps covering topics from the cute and romantic to the very intimate. Which is good because we need to learn those things too, like Nika said even for medical or scientific studies. One thing I thought was great was how it was not just that words and phrases were taught but good explanation about how they fit in a cultural context. Thanks.

  • Если вы хотите изучать русский язык, RU-Land отличный клуб!
    Я начал заниматься три месяца назад с Верой и у меня уже большой прогресс. Она веселая, пунктуальная и организованная учительница. Она знает что мне нужно и делает интересные уроки thumbsup

  • Thank you, Ru Land language club team and specifically Nika Minchenko for giving me this wonderful opportunity to study Russian.  Nika is very supportive and knowledgeable tutor.  She knows how to explain grammar and other aspects of the language in simple words.  Keeping in mind how lazy I am to do my homework, Nika’s lessons are extremely productive.  I am an attorney and I sometimes deal with Russian speaking clients.  After several months of training at Ru Land language club, I started communicating with my Russan-speaking clients in their native language without any broblems.  Thank you again for a wonderful job you do.

  • Learning Russian with Nika has been tremendous fun. I’ve now been studying with RU-Land for 2 years and my Russian speaking and comprehension skills have improved no end!
    I had tried a couple of language courses prior to discovering Ru-Land and found that the materials were quite dry or followed a rigid curriculum that failed to take account of my needs.
    By contrast, the teaching provided by Ru-land has been really flexible, targeted and engaging. Nika is very patient and has been great at building my confidence by focusing on areas I really used to struggle with (especially Russian cases!).
    RU-Land exercises often take the form of inventive games that get you thinking on the spot. I’ve also enjoyed the reading and listening exercises. Unlike other teachers however, Nika also pays a lot of attention to pronunciation and ‘spoken’ grammar; something I used to (wrongly) overlook.
    I would highly recommend Ru-Land to anyone keen on studying Russian.

    William Cole
  • Thank you very much Nika. It was very helpful and ı learned a lot with you Russian speaking pattern course. I admire your teaching skills.thumbsupthumbsup

YouTube free lessons

Our video lessons provide a quick and easy way of helping you with self-studying.  When watching our videos, take notes and repeat what the teachers say to get the best results.  Subscribe to our YouTube channel to become aware of new video lessons!

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Winter Fairytales E-book

Winter is a time for miracles and magic, that is why we made an e-book with the collection of winter fairy-tales from different countries, adapted for the levels A2-B2.

Here you will meet a Ukrainian folktale “Рукавичка”, a Russian folktale “По-щучьему велению”, a Slovak folk tale edited by Russian author Samuil Marshak “Двенадцать месяцев”, Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale “The Snow Queen” and Amadeus Hoffmann’s fairy-tale “Nutcracker”. Plus, as a bonus, there is a one more fairy-tale, which is not connected to winter, but still is a very interesting: Brothers Grimm “Rumpelstiltschen”.

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