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We are happy to celebrate our 3 years as an online Russian language school! So much work has been done during this time, so many goals were reached, so much progress in Russian for our students and subscribers!

We want to thank you for for your support and trust! You make us want to become better every day. We are always in search of the best methods of teaching for you.

We are very happy and proud to have such diligent students and such talented teachers in our team!

Today we want to share some of our achievements, that we have reached during these three years because they are not only our achievements but the achievements of our whole community!!

Youtube channel:
  • 18,8k subscribers (20k is coming!)
  • 1 327k views
  • New equipment (lighting and microphones are already at their way to us thanks to the generous support of our dear Patrons!)
Instagram account:
  • 2120 subscribers
  • 4 awesome professional teachers who love their job and share their knowledge with our great students
Courses and other projects:

We have worked out two great Courses, that received wonderful feedbacks from our students:

New website:
  • We’ve made it a bit easier and lighter, and we hope it will be more convenient for you! The blog here will be updated every week!
Resources that included Ru-Land Club to their TOP-lists:

Wow, I think it is awesome! And it is all thanks to you, our dear teachers, students, patrons and subscribers! And we are not going to stop, our plan is to become better and more interesting and useful for you every year. So do not hesitate to share our videos and to subscribe to our resources or join our projects to improve your Russian with us!

Sincerely yours,

Nika Minchenko

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