Светлана Черняк фото

Certified linguist,  a native Russian speaker, a teacher by vocation.

Svetlana acquired a profession of Russian-German linguist and in 2017 graduated with honors from Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. During her studying, she paid special attention to language teaching methods.

The distinctive feature of Svetlana`s methods is the individual approach to every student: she always picks up learning materials based on student’s study goals, perception pattern, mother tongue, interests etc. Her main goal is to make the complicated Russian language with its specific grammar and pronunciation more understandable for everybody who wants to speak it.

She is quite an exacting teacher and often says: “What is difficult in training becomes easy in a battle”. It means your using of language can be successful and easy only if you study it systematically and responsibly. Svetlana likes the Russian language so much and she will be glad to help you in studies of this complex language.


  1. Hi Svetlana
    I am living in Colorado. I like studying languages. I used to speak some German and clinical Spanish. I am interested in visiting St Petersburg in the future and would like to be comfortable getting around in a Russian speaking country. I have a little self taught Russian with YouTube and an online course. I assume I’m an A1 or pre A1 level. Not sure if I should try the the ‘patterns’ course offered on the Ru-land web site or try Russian Skype lessons. If Skype lessons, how to decide what is most practical 60 or 90 minute sessions and how many? Not sure if the time difference will allow Skype lessons.
    Let me know what you think or suggest.

    • Hello, Tom. I think you can have 2 60 minutes lessons per week and with some additional homework, you can highly improve your Russian language skill. I will send you a message with information.

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