For whom is this Course:

For beginners who already can read in Russian and have basic knowledge about Russian verbs (what is the infinitive, conjugations, tenses).

This course will bring you much closer to the level A1.

About the Course

Any language consists of the speaking patterns that we use in different situations to express different intentions. And if you learn the most frequent speaking patterns of the Russian language, you will easily use them in your speech.

Our Course “Russian Speaking Patterns” will help you to learn 20 common patterns really well, to train your listening and speaking skills, and even to improve your grammar. You will be ready to use these structures easily without long thinking about “how to say that?!”, and to become more confident while speaking Russian!

Price: ̶4̶5̶ ̶U̶S̶D̶ 30 USD
List of Patterns
  • Somebody is going to do something
  • Somebody is planning to do something
  • Somebody needs to do something
  • Somebody can do something
  • Somebody is able do something (about skills)
  • Somebody should do something
  • Somebody has to do something
  • Somebody must do something
  • Somebody wants somebody to do something
  • Somebody needs somebody to do something
  • Somebody managed to do something
  • Somebody made somebody to do something
  • Somebody asked somebody to do something
  • Somebody told somebody to do something
  • Somebody could (might) do something
  • Somebody would like to do something
  • If somebody do something, (then) I would do something
  • If (whether) somebody is doing something
  • Somebody has ALREADY done something
  • Somebody has not done something YET
Course Structure
  • Introduction video & PDF File with all patterns
  • Video explanation about each pattern (20 videos)
  • 20 PDF files to practice each pattern
  • 20 Audio files to train pronunciation of each pattern
  • The final test to check your progress

If you don’t like something or you decide that the Course was not useful for you, we guarantee 100% money back!

Just send us a letter to to request money back within 14 days after your payment for the Course.