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You can watch the video lessons in any order because they are not connected between themselves.

The current level that you need to have to watch each lesson is mentioned near each video.

Watch the videos as many times as you need to understand it really well and follow all my recommendations.

Good luck!

Lesson 1. Possessive pronoun СВОЙ

Current level: A1

Duration: 46 minutes

Summary: How to use the possessive pronoun “свой” in Russian. All 6 cases, genders, numbers. A comparison with personal pronouns. Many practical tasks.

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Lesson 2. Reflexive pronoun СЕБЕ - СЕБЯ - СОБОЙ

Current level: A1

Duration: 50 minutes

Summary: How to use the reflexive pronouns, all 6 cases, examples in all the cases, practical tasks.

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Lesson 3. Demonstrative pronouns ТАКОЙ, СТОЛЬКО

Current level: A1

Duration: 53 minutes

Summary: how and when to use the demonstrative pronouns “такой” and “столько”. Many practical tasks to practice the topic.

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Lesson 4. Verbs of motion ИДТИ - ХОДИТЬ, ЕХАТЬ - ЕЗДИТЬ

Current level: A1

Duration: 1 hour 06 minutes

Summary: The verbs of motion “to go” in Russian: идти, ходить, ехать, ездить. Concept of the motion verbs in Russian. How and when to use each of them, tenses, cases with which tou need to use them. Many practical tasks to memorize the verbs.

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Lesson 5. Some advanced verbs

Current level: B1

Duration: 38 minutes + Quizlet cards

Summary: the verbs: to slide, to skid, to slip, to bounce, to hover, to swerve, to flip, to turn, to spin, to screw, to tilt, to rotate, to revolve, to spin, to scratch, to bend, etc. Explanations + a TPRS story with the verbs.

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Lesson 6. Cases of Adjectives

Current level: A2+

Duration: 46 minutes + Quizlet cards

Summary: all forms of the Russian adjectives: 6 cases, 3 genders, singular – plural forms; tips&tricks how to remember the endings of adjectives in different cases; many practical tasks.

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Lesson 7. Detective vocabulary through a story

Current level: A2+

Duration: 33 minutes + Quizlet cards

Summary: a detective story in Russian with the new vocabulary, such as: murder, murderer, poison, stealing, evidence, jury, court, procecutor, layer, etc.

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Lesson 8. Instrumental case

Current level: beginners, A1

Duration: 1 hour 06 minutes + exercises for training

Summary: how to form the Instrumental case of nouns, adjectives, personal and possessive pronouns; in which situations to use Instrumental case.

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Lesson 9. Cooking vocabulary

Current level: B1+

Duration: 42 minutes

Summary: the vocabulary about how to prepare and to cook products, f.e. ways of cutting, defrosting, boiling, frying, stewing, grinding, etc. + a reciepe of the traditional dish “Голубцы” in Russian with subtitles.

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