Trial Lesson

Yes, we offer a trial lesson because nobody wants to buy a pig in a poke. Before purchasing the set of lessons you need to make sure learning Russian using Skype will work for you and that you will be comfortable with your teacher.

That is why we provide the opportunity to start with a 30-minute trial lesson at a symbolic price – $1 only. During this lesson you will become acquainted with your teacher, define your current level of Russian, set up goals for learning Russian, discuss your individual program and a convenient timetable, and, of course, you will try a couple exercises. 

If you like the trial lesson and want to continue classes, we will sign a standard contract and continue the lessons!

Our Teachers
55 minutes lessons
1 lesson
$25 per lesson
5 lessons
$23 per lesson
10 lessons
$22 per lesson
15 lessons
$20 per lesson
85 minutes lessons
1 lesson
$30 per lesson
5 lessons
$28 per lesson
10 lessons
$27 per lesson
15 lessons
$25 per lesson


Lessons can be booked at least 24 hours before the beginning.

If you need to book a lesson less than 24 hours before the beginning write us on, please.

If you need to reschedule the lesson, that has been booked, please inform your teacher at least in 24 hours before the lesson should start. Otherwise it will burn.

All the purchased lessons must be used within 2 months from the moment of payment.

Book a Lesson

There is a Kiev Time Zone (UTC/GMT +3 hours) in the Booking System.

Please check the difference with your current Time Zone.

Ru-Land Terms and Conditions, please check it out to avoid misunderstandings.

Q & A
Of course, we have a trial lesson, it costs only $1. The duration of the lesson is 30 minutes.
You need just to have an Internet connection, Skype account, 30 minutes of free time and a good mood 🙂
During the trial lesson you will have a chance to get acquainted with your teacher, to define your current level of Russian, to discuss all details of further program and timetable, and to do couple learning activities with your teacher.
We accept payments from Master Card or Visa cards. At the website, you will see payment buttons which you can use to provide a payment for the lessons. We work with an internet acquiring system WayForPay with 3-D Secure security technology. We already use it more than two years and it is a perfect solution for the moment (unfortunately we still cannot use PayPal in Ukraine). The fee is only 1,25% per payment amount.
At lessons, you will use electronic materials which your teacher will send you before each lesson. We use many different textbooks, websites, links, videos, and audios to train different skills during the lesson. Plus there will be many Ru-Land materials, that were worked out especially for our students.
Your lessons will be built according to your personal program and goals. We will work on all types of language skills. Lessons include all parts of language: pronunciation, speaking, listening, reading, translation, writing, different kinds of linguistic games. This way you can comprehensively study the Russian language.
If you already have level A2 most part of the lesson will be held in Russian, this way you will be plugged into Russian language atmosphere. For beginners, explanations can be given in English (German or Spanish) or Russian languages.
Sure! Your timetable can be very flexible, you may reschedule your lessons, just inform your teacher in advance (in 24 hours before the lesson). If you inform a teacher about cancellation less than in 24 hours the lesson will be considered as conducted (late cancellation).
All prepaid lessons should be conducted within 2 months from the date of payment.
Sometimes we receive this question, but the answer, unfortunately, is “no”. We don’t provide the service of free lessons. Our teachers are professionals and their work should be well-paid.
That is why we ask you to schedule a trial lesson only if you have serious intentions and find our prices acceptable. Let’s respect the time of each other.
But we provide regular free video lessons on our YouTube channel.