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“Непоседа идёт искать маму”. Вероника Минченко. Kyiv, March 2022

A story for reading based on the grammar topic “Verbs of motion”.

A fairy-tale about a little squirrel Neposeda looking for his mom, who was kidnapped by a hunter.

Level: B1 (but will not be too hard for A2).

Author: Nika Minchenko

Format: PDF

Language: Russian

Pages: 41

Audiobook – free

Voice actors: Michael Kochetov (author’s voice), Nika Minchenko (Непоседа, Вредина), Dmitriy Voronov (Охотник, Трудяга, Грязнуля, Пустомеля, Чистюля, Проныра, Охранник), Vira Grinchuk (Сладкоежка, Работяга)


The book is available via PayPal: nika.russian.tutor@gmail.com, 12 EUR.


After the payment via PayPal you will receive the letter with the download link within 24 hours (because I will send it manually).

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Hello Friends!

I wrote this story for reading two years ago, but didn’t publish it because it seemed to me not perfect enough, and I wanted to make new better illustrations, and maybe to edit it better. And after all these doubts I just forgot about it.

So good that now I have a chance to finish it! In this difficult for Ukraine time I realized that we should not postpone things for later, we need to live every day for 100%. That is why I finished the book using everything that I have with me. I found almost all illustrations except for the last three pictures, that were on paper at home, so I have finished the book without them. But as for me it still looks not bad.

Especially because I am not an illustrator at all, so those pictures are not really so important. The most important is the text because I wrote it, especially for the Russian language learners, who want to practice Russian Verbs of Motion. And this is already my professional sphere. I hope that reading the Story will not only give you some positive emotions but also will help you to deal with the verbs of motion, which can be tricky sometimes.

Have a good reading!

Your Nika Minchenko