For whom is this Course:

For the people with the level A2, or at least close to this level.

About the Course

We have worked out this Course for people who learn Russian for relationships. We hope that vocabulary from the videos will be useful for communication with a beloved person. Of course, the language of love doesn’t need to be translated, but knowledge of some love phrases in Russian will be useful! And the podcasts will tell you a bit about Russian culture, connected with the Valentine’s Day.

Price: 19 USD
Course Structure
  • 3 podcasts with slow speed (female voice)
  • 3  same podcasts with normal speed (male voice)
  • 3 video lessons
  • 1 video with Russian poem (romance)
  • 3 pdf-files (for podcasts, for video lessons, for the poem)
  • 1 pdf-file with valentines cards and wishes in Russian
Course Topics
  • Podcast “The history of St. Valentine’s Day”
  • Podcast “How do people celebrate St. Valentine’s Day in Russia”
  • Podcast “Russian Day of Love: about Petr and Fevroniya”
  • Video “Compliments in Russian”
  • Video “Flirt and relations in Russian”
  • Video “Sex-vocabulary in Russian”
  • Video “Poem of Marina Tsvetaeva (Russian romance – song)”

If you don’t like something or you decide that the Course was not useful for you, we guarantee 100% money back!

Just send us a letter to to request money back within 14 days after your payment for the Course.