Ultimate Video Lessons Bundle
Video Lesson 1 ``Possessive pronoun СВОЙ``
Video Lesson 2 ``Reflexive pronoun СЕБЯ - СЕБЕ - СОБОЙ``
Video Lesson 3 ``Demonstrative pronouns ТАКОЙ, СТОЛЬКО``
Video Lesson 4 ``Verbs of motion ИДТИ - ХОДИТЬ, ЕХАТЬ - ЕЗДИТЬ``
You can add all your answers and homework to a Google Document and leave the link to it in the comment section and I will check it.
Watch my YouTube video lesson with a TPRS story about these verbs of motion to practice the topic better.
Video Lesson 5 ``Some advanced VERBS``
Video Lesson 6 ``Cases of Adjectives``
Video Lesson 7 ``Detective vocabulary through a story``
You can dowload the lesson in mp3 to listen it as a podcast later
Additionally you can watch my YouTube lesson:
Video Lesson 8 ``Instrumental case``
Video Lesson 9 ``Cooking vocabulary``